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Mollymook Beach Birdlife – Part 1



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Laughing Kookaburra at Mollymook Beach


Possibly Australia’s most iconic species. It’s incredible laughing song, (raucous cackle) is a feature of the dawn chorus. If a few birds join the chorus, it becomes quite a racket. It is one of the larger members of the Kingfisher family.

Laughing Kookaburra.  Poem by Louisa Anne Meredith (1812 – 1895)

Two large great birds sit up in a tree,

And they look as solemn as birds can be,

With very big beaks, and half shut eyes –

Did you ever see anything look so wise?

Hark! All on a sudden one of the them

Bursts out laughing! ‘Ha, ha! Ho heel!

The other wakes up and opens his bill,

And his eyes are opening wider still,

He gives his feathers a shimmer and shake

Just to be sure that he’s wide awake,

And then, as if some funny thing he saw,

Joins chorus, with ‘Ho, ho, ho! Ha! haw!’

‘Why are they staring so?’

See – there is a black snake down below!

Gliding along thro’ the dry brown grass –

But not very far will his safety pass;

Those solemn old birds are watching him go,

And chuckle for joy – ‘Ha Ho! Ho Ho!’

Scroll down for more ‘Mollymook Beach’ bird species. Credits: Photo’s, Ken Banks. Mentor, Charles D. Commentary, Australian Birdlife